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If you want to create a manual contact page on the website that, for example, presents the business's key people, you can use contact boxes to build up the page in a simple and uniform way.

Also keep in mind that if your website uses the "personal pages" function, you will receive an automatically generated personal list at the address Many people choose to create a menu link there, and to use the categories of the personal pages to automatically create filters for different staff groups in the person list. A manual contact page is thus something else, it is basically a regular page (Page) on which you put a number of contact boxes (Contact box).

Contact box can also be used in news articles or in the news list to, for example, enter contact information for researchers and press contacts, respectively.

Exempelbild, kontaktbox.
Example of contact box

Create contact boxes

To create your contact boxes that will be on the page, select Content -> Add content -> Contact box.

The fields marked with a red asterisk must always be filled in:

  • Administrative title: Enter an internal name for your Contact box so that you can easily find it when you then enter it on the page itself.
  • Name: Fill in the name of the person who can be contacted.
  • Job title: Fill in the person's title (feel free to look in Lucat if you are unsure).
  • Email: Fill in the person's email address. This is displayed as a link on the page.
  • Telephone/Mobile number: Fill in the telephone number. These are displayed as links on the page.
  • Description: This is a free text field where you have the opportunity to give a slightly broader picture of the person.

To add an image of the person, click "Add new or existing image" and follow the steps for this. If you want control over how the image is cropped, be sure to use a square image, but otherwise follow the recommendation of a minimum width of 1500 pixels so that the image will also be useful in other contexts in Drupal. If the image has other proportions, you can use the Focal point function with which you specify where the focus in the image should be, so that Drupal cuts the image accordingly.

Read more about images and image sizes 

Finally, you can add a background color to the entire contact box.

Then click on Save - and you have created your first Contact box.

Now create the other contact boxes that you want to include on your contact page, according to the steps above.

Place the boxes on a page via layout mode

Once the contact boxes are created, the next step is to put them on a page. Create a page by clicking Content -> Add content -> Page. Then you can build the foundation for the page by entering your introduction and body text, as well as overall contact information and related information in the right-hand column.

As you probably notice, there is nowhere to add the Contact box when editing your page in Edit mode. Instead, you connect your contact boxes with the page in layout mode, after you have filled in other information and saved your page.

Once you have saved your page, you will be in View mode. Switch to Layout mode by clicking Layout.

Bild på vilka layouter som kontaktboxar fungerar i.
Add your contact boxes on the page by switching to Layout mode.

An important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot add your contact boxes in all the different types of sections that apply to regular pages in layout mode. When you create a new page, it gets a wider column on the left and a narrower one on the right. However, it is only in the wider column that you can add a Contact box

This means that if you want to add a contact box in the right column on the page, you can not use the Contact box. Instead, we recommend that you use the Info box to add this information.

Bild på vilka layouter som kontaktboxar fungerar i.
Contact boxes can only be placed in the selected layout versions.

In layout mode, it's time to add your contact boxes. Click Add content block at the bottom of the left column.

Bild på fältet Add content block.
Click on add content block.

In your right-hand menu, the content blocks that you have the opportunity to add are now presented. Here are two different options for the Contact box: create a new contact box or add an existing one. Since we have previously created all our contact boxes, click on Contact box, library.

In the Configure content block window, we will look for the first one we created. If you do not see the Select content block, you first need to click on the black arrow to point it down.

Bild på var du letar upp din kontaktbox.
If you do not see the Select content block, you first need to click on the arrow. Click to enlarge the image.

After you click on "Select content block" a new window will appear. You are now in the "Available Contact boxes", ie in your library. You can also create new boxes from scratch if you go to "Add Contact box" instead.

Bild på hur du går in i biblioteket för befintliga kontaktboxar.
Here you look for existing contact boxes.

In this example, you are not creating something new, but looking for one you have already created. You can scroll around and click on the right contact box if you find it directly, but you can also search for it. What you search for in the Name field is the same as what you typed in the Administrative title when you created the contact box.

Bild på hur du väljer och lägger till din kontaktbox.
Select the contact box before clicking Use selected.

Click on the contact box you want to use, so there will be a blue frame around it, and then select "Use selected". If you then want to double-check the content, you can click on Edit, otherwise you click on Add content block.

Where on the page your contact box ends up depends on where the cursor was when you first clicked on the Add content block. Most likely it is at the bottom of the page. Should it not be where you move it by dragging it into place. Just make sure you are in layout mode - otherwise it will not be able to move. Finally, you save your page, and automatically return to View mode.

Follow the steps above to add more contact boxes to the page. Using text blocks, you can insert several common body text fields between the contact boxes where you can enter headings or other information.

Maybe you need to edit your contact box with content or color? Switch back to layout mode. If you place the mouse pointer at the top right of each content block on the page, a small pen icon will appear. Click there and select Edit component.

Bild på var du går in för att redigera boxen i efterhand.
Edit the box by selecting Edit component in layout mode.


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