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Landing page is a page type that is suitable to use to build the website's home page. It also fits as an entry page on the first level of the menu structure. Lower levels than that should not be used for, then a Page is better suited.

These two page types have in common that they are a kind of orientation pages that should give an impression of the place you have ended up at, and lead the visitor further within the website. With a landing page, you do not get a visible left menu, but you can use the main menu to navigate.

Home page goals

  • Give a picture of the organization to which the website belongs (if it is not already known to the visitor, which is the case for internal websites, for example)
  • Meet the visitor's "top tasks" - the most common tasks / usage goals that visitors to that particular site have
  • Provide shortcuts to specific parts of the site, such as for a specific group of visitors
  • Raising actualities

Plan the home page

In planning your homepage, you should take into account how many resources you have to work actively with the homepage, and how much ongoing content you have to highlight there.

A news block that is never updated or a calendar block that contains only one event adds no value. If you only have a limited number of news and events that appear during a semester, you can opt out of the fixed blocks, and push for things when they happen in the form of info boxes or image boxes instead. If you have very few resources to work with content, you should choose a more static design for the home page, with content that can be left unattended for a long time.

Create a landing page

  1. Open Manage > Content > Add content > Landing page
  2. Enter a title. It will not be visible to the outside but will be used to find the page in the administration interface.
  3. Press Save.

Layout mode

On a landing page, for example, you can have a large image box or carousel (slide show with multiple image boxes) that covers a section that contains only one column. You make these clickable by adding links to the respective image box. On a landing page, you can also add content blocks such as Calendar and News box.


One thing that differs between Landing page and regular Page is that you can make more settings on the sections themselves. You can add a section heading, lead, background color and have several settings for the margin here. To edit a section, tap the gear icon next to the section in layout mode.

Theme block

You can create a so-called theme block, where you add an overall heading and introduction to the upcoming content boxes in one section. In a section, you can check "No margin below heading & lead" and "No margin to the section below" for the section to be close to the content below, and in the same way you can use "No margin to the section above" for a section below other content that you want within the same theme block.

Mosaic block

You can create several different content boxes at different heights next to each other, as a so-called mosaic. When creating mosaic blocks, it is recommended to check "Use thin margins between content blocks" where you edit the section itself, to make the blocks more readable.


A Carousel is a moving slide show that can contain several Image boxes.


A Calendar box shows events that are published on the site (without image). When you add or edit a Calendar content block, you can choose the number of events you want to appear in the block.

News box

A News box shows articles published on the site. When you add or edit a News box, you can choose to delete the title "News", and you can select an article that is displayed in a larger format than the others (top news). If you do not make an active choice, then the latest article will appear in a larger format. Only on landing pages can you add a News box.

News box is optimized for displaying news with a picture, and therefore requires space - it can currently only be placed in the section "12" which takes up the entire width of the page.

Links as buttons

It's nice to make links to buttons on your landing page (this can also be used on other types of pages). You do this by creating your links as a bulleted list in a body text field (eg in an info box). When you highlight the bulleted list of links, you get the option to open "Styles" in the toolbar, and then select "Buttons with links".

Make landing page as home page

To link a landing page to your site's home page, go to the Settings> Manage Site Information> Website Settings. In the field "Choose start page", type and search for the title of your landing page.


Landing page, simple

Landing page, extended

Theme block

Mosaic block


If you have any questions, please contact Servicedesk. 

E-mail: servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se

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