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In layout mode, you can add content to the right column of the pages, but also add additional content to the height by using sections. In layout mode, you can also create so-called theme blocks and mosaic blocks on landing pages.

Working with the layout mode requires both knowledge and judgment. When you work with layout, it is easy for your content to become cluttered and difficult to absorb if you add too many elements. "Less is more" is simply a good word of wisdom to bring with you here.

Sections and columns

You can click "Add section" at the top or bottom of your page to add more sections. Then you get to choose a layout for your section, how you want it to be divided into columns. You can make settings for sections by tapping the gear icon next to a section. Landing page and articles have additional settings for sections.

Example of theme block

Example of mosaic block

Content boxes

You can find the different content boxes by pressing "Add content block" when you are in layout mode. The content you can choose from depends on the type of page you are on, but also the size of the column.


Accordion is a drop down function where you can list a lot of information in a small space, by adding several titles with text below. If you press the titles, the area with the text opens. It is not recommended in the right column.


If you have deleted the body text field that was on the page from the beginning, it is possible to add it again by adding this block.

Calendar box

List of the latest calendar events. Only without picture. Can be located on several different page types where you can work in layout mode. By entering "Items per block", you select how many events to display at a time.

Example of news box and calendar box


Moving slide show consisting of several Image boxes. Can be used on start pages as well as on entrance pages created with the content type landing pages.

Contact box

The contact box is specially designed to show photos and contact information to a person. It has fixed fields for name, telephone and e-mail, which provides a uniform formatting for this information. You can place several contact boxes in a row on one Page to build a list page with staff. It is also possible to use individual contact boxes, for example on a landing page.

Example of contact boxes

Image box

Image, title, link and lead are possible. May be linked or unlinked. The image box can be reused.

Example image boxes


An "image" contains only one image and caption. It cannot be used on Landing pages.

Info box

Promotions and fact boxes have now been merged into a new content type called infobox. It is a content module that can be designed in many different ways: The whole can be clickable, but does not have to be. It can have an image, but also only text. It may have background color or not. It has a body field with full editor, which provides many possibilities. You can also add an RSS feed to an infobox.

Things to keep in mind: If you add a link that makes the entire infobox clickable, all possible formatting and other links will be cleared from the infobox's body text.

Example info boxes

Latest news

A list of the latest news, without picture. Can be located on several different page types where you can work in layout mode.

The block can be placed in columns that are narrower than 8, ie column sizes 3, 4 and 6.

The fact that Latest news cannot be placed in columns wider than 6 is due to the fact that readability is impaired by wide text columns. There are benchmarks of a maximum of 70 characters including spaces, which would be exceeded if the box is placed in the widest columns. The website would thus not be accessible.

Latest news also provides the ability to create a news feed based on a specific free text category. If you only want to present news about research, you can put the free text tag "research" on this news and set in the "latest news" block that it should filter the flow on that tag.

Example of news box and calendar box


If you have deleted the field with lead that was on the page from the beginning, it is possible to add this again through this block.

News box

A list of the latest news, with pictures and top news. Can only be on the page type Landing page. News box is optimized for displaying news with a picture, and therefore requires space - it can currently only be placed in the section "12" which takes up the entire width of the page.


The text box is a free-standing block for body text, with a WYSIWIG that can be used for text, image, video, etc., just like the regular body. Textbox can be used when you have chosen to break off the body text with some other content, e.g. an infobox, but should continue with the main content of the page again. Textbox can be used on pages and articles. It cannot be used in all column sizes, to avoid poor readability if the text column is too wide.

Video box

With a video box you can embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo. It can be used on pages, landing pages and articles. It can be added to all layout sections except the "full width section".