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Drupal automatically creates two pages that are linked to any articles published on the site:

  • The page Latest news, where selected articles are presented, with the URL xxx.lu.se/news 
  • The page All news, which is a news archive with all the articles, with the URL xxx.lu.se/news/all 

In this guide, we call these pages the News Page and the News Archive. People with the Site admin or Site editor roles can make some changes to affect how the pages should look like, and you who create articles can influence which articles are visible where. 

The news archive

The news archive, "all news" shows all articles created on the site. To edit the page, go to the administration menu, Settings> Information on static pages> All News

This will take you directly to the editing mode for the page.

The only thing you can do here is add one or more infoboxes, which end up in the right column. For example, with information about subscribing to a newsletter or similar that has to do with your news.

You can not create infoboxes from this page but only add existing ones, by searching for them in the search field. If you want to add more than one, click on "Add another item". You can easily switch views between View and Edit. Keep in mind that you will need to save your page if you have made any changes to the Edit mode.

The news page

On the news page there is the opportunity to do a little more. Here you can control which news is visible - articles with the box "Show as main news article" checked will be visible here. If you do not tick the box, the article will instead end up only in the archive, which may be relevant for articles that you may not want to make extra visible, but which should still be published and can be linked to.

If the "Show as main news article" box is not available to check when an article is created, then the site's Site Admin has not enabled this feature. This means that all news also ends up on the news page, without the possibility of moderation. By actively selecting "Enable top news" in the site's overall settings, you ensure that the opportunity exists. This is done under Settings> Manage site information> Website settings (check "Enable top news").

To access the news page, go to Settings> Information on static pages> Latest news.

Once you have reached the settings of the News Page, you will see that there are many things you can actually do here:

  • Which articles should be highlighted at the top?
  • How many articles should be displayed on the page at a time?
  • Should any infoboxes be added to further highlight any information?
  • Should a contact box be added with information about who is the press contact?

Top article

Here you can select up to three articles that are highlighted at the top of the page. You choose by searching for the articles in the search fields.

In the computer view, the news you put on "Level1" is the largest and is displayed over the entire column width. The other two share the space below.

In the mobile view, all three news items are the same size, but the top one gets a slightly different look with a colored background to stand out.

It is important to remember that if you choose to use top articles, you also need to work editorially with the site and replace them regularly.

Number of articles in the news list

Under the top articles, you can then choose how many articles to display in total on the page. These are listed with the latest at the top. Here it automatically becomes the headline Latest news.

Themes and categories

This field is currently limited to the university-wide sites.

Info boxes

Here you can add one or more infoboxes to the right column. Just like on the archive page, you can not create an infobox from scratch here, but only search among those that already exist.

Press contacts

Here you add one or more contact boxes to your press contacts. You can only search among existing boxes.

How to create a contact box

Make the news visible

If you have a lot of news, it is a good idea to add one of the two layout boxes for news on the start page or possibly on a suitable entrance page. You reach the boxes via layout mode. As with all layout boxes, you can only add certain boxes to certain types of sections. If the box is selectable when you select "Add content block", it means that it's possible to add.

News box

"News box" corresponds to the News page, so your selected news is displayed here. This shows the news with pictures, and you can choose to show one of the news in a slightly larger format. News box can only be placed on a Landing page and in a full-width section.

Latest news box

"Latest news box" corresponds to a list of news from the news archive. The latest of all news is shown here, but without a picture.

You have the opportunity to make a selection of news to the list, based on category (applies to the university-wide websites) or free text tag (applies to all websites). Of course, there must be articles that are marked with the selected free text tag or category in order for you to get any articles in the list. If you make a selection of news, it is a good idea to change the automatic heading of the box from "Latest news" to something that shows this, for example "News about research".

In the "Latest news box" you can also select the number of news items to be displayed.

It is also common to add a link from the start page to the news page or archive, for example via the shortcut menu, to guide visitors into the news that way.


All news - exampel

Latest news - exampel


If you have any questions, please contact Servicedesk. 

E-mail: servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se (servicedesk[at]lu[dot]se)

Always enter the URL of the website or page to which the case concerns.