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Editing your personal page

This page is about editing personal pages.

Please log in and go to the current personal page and press Edit.


If nothing is entered in this box, the person's primary business role is automatically retrieved. If you write something in the box, the primary business role is overwritten. Note that the primary business role is not automatically retrieved to any location on your personal page other than the Kicker field.


Enter a descriptive lead in the "Lead" field.


There is no link to LUCRIS when it comes to photos, so you have to manually upload a suitable profile picture to the personal page.

  • Click on "Add new or existing image" to select a profile image. You can use a maximum of one profile picture (however, you can add more pictures to the body text field, see below).
  • If you want to upload a new image: Click on "Add image". Drag the current image to the dashed box or press "Select files". Then fill in the name of the image and an alternative text. Then press Save.
  • If you want to use an image that is already uploaded on the website: Under "Website library" you will find all the photos that are uploaded on the website. Under "My library" you will find the pictures you have uploaded to the website.

Link to personal page

This field is used to get a nice list page of the employees (peoplelist), but where one or more employees' personal pages can be found elsewhere than on their own website, for example in LUCRIS or on another institution's website. You then create this personal page just as an empty shell that leads the visitor on to the intended place. The arrow symbol at the top right of the list then shows that the link leads away from the current website.

To add a link to an external personal page, follow these steps:

  1. Create a personal page (see "Creating a personal page" above)
  2. Copy the URL you want the personal page to link to and paste the link in the "Link to personal page" field.
  3. Upload a profile picture
  4. Click on Save

The person will now be on the personal list on the website. If the visitor clicks on the link (heading), the visitor then ends up on the personal page where the link goes.

Publication list settings

If you want to hide the list of publications from Lucris, check the box "Hide publications". If you want to change the title of the publication list, then write in the box "Title, research outputs" what you want the title to be instead.


In the text field "Body" you have the opportunity to enter text, image and links about the person to whom the page refers. You will recognize most of this from your regular word processing program.

Free text tags

In the "Free text tags" field, enter the keyword that makes it easier for others to find your personal page. The text field will suggest words that are already available. If the word is not in the list, click on the link "Click to add new" to add a new keyword. If you want to delete a selected keyword, click the cross to the right of the keyword in the text field.


If you want to categorize the website's personal pages (for example researchers, administrative staff, etc), you choose under "Categories" which categories you want to link the current personal page to. If you want to delete a selected category, click on the cross to the right of the category in the text field.

Info boxes

In an info-box you can enter text, image and link. The info boxes are located in the right-hand column next to the body text.

To add an info box:

  1. Click on "Select content block", then you will see all the info boxes that have already been created on the website.
  2. Click on "Add Info box" to create a new one.
  3. Administrative title: Fill in a title you want the info box to be called in Drupal. Please note that this title is not visible to visitors.
  4. Title: If you want a title on your info-box, fill it in the box "Title".
  5. Link: If you want the info box to be linked, enter a link in the "Link" box.
  6. Media: If you want an image on your info-box, you can upload or select it by pressing "Add new or existing media". Then you can either search for an existing image or press "Add image" to upload a new image.
  7. Body: In the field "Body" you can enter text, image and links.
  8. Infobox settings: Here you can choose the background color and how you want the info-box to be placed in relation to other content:
  9. "Adjust height to infobox content" means that the box adapts to the content of the infobox.
  10. "Adjust height to surrounding content" means that the info box adapts to the content on the page.
  11. On personal pages, it is recommended that the option "Adjust height to infobox content" continues to be checked.

If you want to add more info boxes, repeat the above steps.

If you have added several info-boxes and want to change the order of them, place the mouse pointer above the heading of the info-box you want to move, and a cross will appear. Then you can drag the info boxes to the order you want.

Page manager

If you want to add a webmaster to the personal page, press "Add new or existing page manager". Then you get the page managers who have already been added to Drupal. If you want to add a new page manager, click on "Add Page manager" and then fill in the name and e-mail. Then press "Save".

Links to other languages

If there is an English or Swedish version that corresponds to the personal page you are creating, you can enter the link to it here.


Personal page


If you have any questions, please contact Servicedesk. 

E-mail: servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se (servicedesk[at]lu[dot]se)

Always enter the URL of the website or page to which the case concerns.