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Sharing calendar events

To make it easier for those who wish to publish calendar events in several different calendars on different websites at Lund University, a calendar sharing service is offered via calendar.prodwebb8.lu.se. A majority of the websites at Lund University are connected to this service.

Several calendars

It is always possible to publish events locally via the various web publishing systems available at the university. The calendar sharing is there to make it easier for those who want to easily publish an event in several calendars at the same time.

It is also via calendar.prodwebb8.lu.se that you can publish events in the overall calendar on the main site lu.se.

The calendar.prodwebb8.lu.se service is based on the Drupal web publishing system.

Questions and answers about the calendar sharing

We have collected frequently asked questions and answers on this page. 

Questions and answers about calendar sharing in Drupal (in Swedish)

Log in and create an event

Start by going to calendar.prodwebb8.lu.se/user to log in. Click on "Login for CAS" and log in with your Lucat ID:

Skärmklipp som visar inloggningsrutan i Drupal
Click on the link in the image to log in with Lucat ID.

All employees at Lund University can log in and use the calendar sharing, and publish events in the calendar on lu.se. Which additional calendars you have the opportunity to publish in depends partly on where in the organization you work, and partly on whether you have received extended authorizations from a calendar administrator.

Once logged in, you can easily create a new calendar event by selecting Content > Add content > Event from the menu at the top. You may need to click Manage first for the Content menu to appear.


Skärmklipp som visar att man kan behöva klicka på Manage för att få upp menyvalen
You may need to click on "Manage" for the menu to appear
Skärmklipp som visar var i menyn man hittar Event
Select Event from the main menu to add a calendar event

 Fill in the form

In the form that appears, then fill in the information to be displayed in the calendar. The fields that are mandatory to fill in are marked in the form with a red asterisk. (More exact details on how to fill in the different fields can be found on the page on how to create a calendar event)

Calendar ID

Skärmklipp som visar inställningarna för val av kalender-ID
Calendar ID is used to select which calendars an event should be shared to.

Use the Calendar ID field to specify in which websites the calendars of the current calendar event will be published. Click in the field to get a list of the calendars that you are authorized to publish in. Click on the calendar in which the event is to be published. Repeat this if the event is to be published in several different calendars. The university-wide calendar on lu.se has the ID "Lund University www.lu.se".

Publish the event 

When you are done, click Preview if you want to do a preview before proceeding. Then click Save. If you have not set a schedule, the event will be published.

Please note that it can sometimes take up to a quarter of an hour before external visitors to the sites can actually see the event. This is partly due to the update intervals that apply to the calendar sharing function, and partly to several layers of cache in the university-wide web solution in Drupal that many websites - including calendar.prodwebb8.lu.se - use.


If you have any questions, please contact Servicedesk. 

E-mail: servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se (servicedesk[at]lu[dot]se)

Always enter the URL of the website or page to which the case concerns.