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The text editor appears in several different places in Drupal, where you need to do a little more things with your text than you can in a regular input field. You recognize a lot of what you can do from a common word processing program such as Word.

Bold and italic

B makes the text bold, I makes the text kursiv.

X2 and X2

Makes characters raised or lowered.

Horizontal Line

You can add a horizontal line to split paragraphs.

Ω Special Character

Here you will find a list of different special characters that you may not have on your keyboard.


If you have text written in a language other than the site's language, you can mark the text and select the language from the list. This has to do with accessibility, and allows screen readers to read the text correctly.

Numbered lists and bulleted lists

Lists provide better clarity and are good to use when listing things or links. Select the text you want to make into a list and press the button for either numbered list or bulleted list. We recommend that you always use bulleted lists when listing something that includes three or more words/elements/links. Use the numbered list only when the items in the list come in an actual sequence.

If you want to add a new line to a bulleted list, without creating a new paragraph with a new bullet, you can press Shift + Enter.

Block quote

The large quote symbolizes a block quote, ie a larger quote that you want to highlight. Set the cursor in the paragraph you want to convert to a block quote and click the block quote button. The result is only visible after saving. If you have a short quote, you may need to add an extra blank paragraph afterwards to make it look good.

Undo and redo

The left arrow is the undo function. It is good if, for example, you happen to delete something and then regret it. The right arrow is for repeating, so you can take back something you have undone.


Anchors are used to create links to text within the same page.


The link button without plus sign is used to create external links and to create anchor links, while the link button with plus sign is used to link internally, with the ability to search and select your pages (via the "Link" function).

Import media

Here you can add pictures, videos and files to the body text.

Paragraph format

In the formatting list, you can turn your text into headings and plain text by selecting the text and selecting the format from the list.

You use "Normal" in plain text. Heading 2 and heading 3 are different levels of subheadings. Heading 1 does not exist - it is the title level of the page itself. Use these to structure your page logically and help the visitors find what they are looking for. Many visitors skip texts that do not have intermediate headings.

You should not use bold or italic text to bring up additional levels in your text. Italic text on web pages is difficult to read and bold is not interpreted as headings by, for example, screen readers. If the structure is so deep that you need additional levels, it may be time to divide the content into several pages instead, and if the paragraphs under heading 3 are short, a bulleted list can work well.


With the Styles tool, you can change the appearance of links. First, make sure your links are in a bulleted list, then highlight the text and tap Styles. There you have two options on link styles.

List with links

The links are listed below each other with a line between each.

Links as buttons

The links are displayed as buttons. Remember to have short texts in the links if you use buttons, and remember to only use buttons on shorter lists.

Text format

If you have any of the permissions "site admin", "site editor" or "site writer", you also have the option to switch text format between Basic HTML and Full HTML. Basic HTML is default. If you select Full HTML, you will get a few more options in the toolbar. You can left-align, center, and right-align the content. You also get the option to edit the source code (Source).

When working with HTML, problems might occur that the support team may not be able to solve, so you should only use Full HTML if you are confident to master it.

Other functions

The following functions have no buttons in the toolbar but are useful when working with the text editor.

Cut, paste and copy

There are no buttons for cutting, pasting and copying, but you can use keyboard shortcuts instead. These vary between different operating systems.

For Microsoft Windows it is Ctrl + X (cut), Ctrl + V (paste) and Ctrl + C (copy).

For Mac it is ⌘ Command + X (cut), ⌘ Command + V (paste) and ⌘ Command + C (copy).

Wash text

If you copy text from another location and paste it into the text editor, the formatting may follow the source destination, e.g. fonts, bulleted lists, etc.

All text formatting should instead be done in the text editor. Then we ensure that the text looks the same on the entire website and that it does not look different in different browsers. This is also important for accessibility reasons - formatting such as headline formats and lists should always be done in the text editor so that aids such as screen readers can read the content properly.

When you paste a formatted text, Drupal asks if you want to "clean it before pasting", then you can press OK. However, it is not certain that this will clear the text completely, so the safest method is to do the "washing" yourself.

There are different ways to do this. You can paste plain text using the Shift + Ctrl + V keyboard shortcuts on Windows and ⌘ Command + Shift + V on Mac.


If you have any questions, please contact Servicedesk. 

E-mail: servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se (servicedesk[at]lu[dot]se)

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